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The Team

Lisa Marie Middendorf

Drew Rinaldi Subits



Office Manager

Project Manager

(607) 743-0451

[email protected]
(484) 553-4765

NOFA Certified Organic Landcare Professional
Waders in the Water Level I Certificate
OSHA-10 Construction Safety Certified

Our Services​​
  1. Tree Care
    Tree Care
    Including tree planting, mulching, watering, pruning, and natural pest and disease remedies to ensure the growth of the tree.
  2. General Landscaping
    General Landscaping
    All your needs met from invasive species removal and mulching to landscape design and implementation.
  3. Rain Garden Installation
    Rain Garden Installation
    Ecologically sustainable gardening: allow rainwater to be naturally filtered and returned to the water table.
  4. Organic Gardening
    Organic Gardening
    Raised garden beds allow even concrete back yards to turn into urban farms.
  5. Native & Perennial Planting
    Native & Perennial Planting
    Fill your land with native species and perennials to fortify the ecosystem of the Delaware Valley.
  6. Composting
    We will explain the basics and implement the style of composting that best fits your needs.

Before and After:
South Philadelphia backyard project

Before and After:
Blackwood, NJ backyard project